7th Pay Commission – Advance increments granted to these government employees

7th Pay Commission: Amid the economic crisis, salary cuts and layoffs due to Covid-19 pandemic, here is a good news from Government for some government employees. The Department of Personnel & Training under the Ministry of Personnel,Public Grievances & Pensions of Government of India has issued an OFFICE MEMORANDUM on the Subject: “Advance increments granted to Stenographers of Subordinate Offices on qualifying speed test in shorthand at 100/120 w.p.m., in the 7th CPC Scenario-reg.”

And, the good news is that these Central government employees have got a salary hike!

As per the OFFICE MEMORANDUM, “In accordance with the provisions contained in Department of Expenditure’s OM No. 7(31)E-lll(A)/75 dated 04.10.1975 and this Department’s OM No. 18/44/88-Estt.(Pay-l) dated 14.08.1989 and OM No. 1/9/98-Estt.(Pay-I) dated 30.01.2001, Stenographers of Subordinate Offices were granted one or two advance increments for qualifying speed test in shorthand at 100/120 wpm. This Department vide OM No. 18/44/88-Estt.(Pay-l) dated 07.12.2009 provided that these advance increments should be treated as pay for all purposes. Further, due to the introduction of Grade Pay and Pay Band system, consequent to the implementation of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008, this Department vide OM No. 1/1/2010-Estt.(Pay-l) dated 06.12.2012 had clarified themanner in which these advance increment(s) are to be computed.

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