Google Maps introduces live train tracking, bus travel estimates and more in India


  • Google has introduced live train tracking feature on Google Maps in India.
  • Google has introduced bus travel estimates feature on Google Maps in India.
  • Google Map users can also see the trains running between two destinations.

A lot of us here in India depend on Google Maps to help us reach our destinations. We also depend on Google Maps to help us dodge the high traffic areas when we are on our way back home. And now Google has introduced three new features that would help commuters in India travel smart.

First up is the bus travel estimates feature. Google has launched a new feature on to Google Maps that would enable commuters in India to know about their bus travel time based on live traffic conditions of their chosen route. The newly launched feature, which makes use of Google’s live traffic data and public bus schedules, would essentially tell users how long will it take them to reach to say, Red Fort from India Gate.

Commuters in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Lucknow, Chennai, Mysore, Coimbatore, and Surat can use this feature by entering their starting location and destination and then tapping on the transit tab. Google says that the results for bus travel times from live traffic will include the time in green (when running on time) or red (when delayed).

Next up is the live train tracking feature. Very often we use Google Search to look for trains travelling between two locations. We also use the company’s search engine and various tracking websites to live track the location of various trains. Google is now bringing all these features in Google Maps.

Google Maps will now help users know when their train will arrive at a certain destination by indicating the real-time status. Commuters can search for their starting location and destination to see a list of trains that they can take between the two locations. From there, they would easily be able to see the real-time status of the track and whether any of the trains have been delayed, all inside Google Maps.

Lastly, Google has also introduced a mixed-mode directions results feature in Google Maps, which shows the total time that it would take for a commuter to travel between two locations using multiple transport options, such as by walking and using the metro train. What’s interesting is that this feature now includes time taken by auto-rickshaws as well.

“The public transport tab on Google Maps for Android will now tell you when taking such a journey is a good option, how long it will take, which station you should take an auto-rickshaw to/from. You can also see the rickshaw meter estimate, and departure times for your transit connection,” Google wrote in its blog. This feature, however, will be initially available in Delhi and Bengaluru only and it would soon be extended to other cities..

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