WhatsApp Status to get ads next year, dark mode inches closer to roll out



  • WhatsApp will introduce ads in Status in 2020.
  • WhatsApp will introduce richer messaging format in its Business app.
  • WhatsApp has redesigned chats to support dark mode.

When WhatsApp co-founder resigned from Facebook last year, speculations indicated that he left the social media giant owing the growing discord with the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg over the future of WhatsApp. This among other things included introducing ads in the Status section of the popular social messaging app. Facebook at the time did not comment on the matter. But now it seems that the Facebook management is going ahead with its originial plan and introducing advertisements on WhatsApp.

According to social media commentrator Matt Navarra, Facebook will introduce ads in WhatsApp’s Status section – which is essentially an Instagram Stories like feature wherein the shared image or message disappears within 24 hours of posting the message – in 2020. Introduction of ads in WhatsApp’s Status section means that Facebook, the company that owns WhatsApp, would most likely be tracking the contents of users’ statuses more closely. This would enable the company to understand the WhatsApp users’ likes and dislikes and ultimately serve more ‘personalised content’ or in simple words targeted ads. Simply said, if the slew of ads (and the fact that Facebook is constantly tracking your every move on its platforms) on Facebook and Instagram weren’t annoying enough for you, seeing them on WhatsApp in the near future would surely annoy you.

Notably, ads on WhatsApp are not the only prediction that Navarra made about the future of WhatsApp. Navarra, in a tweet, also said that the social media giant would intergrate WhatsApp product catalogue – a feature that is available to the users of WhatsApp for Businesses – with the existing Facebook Business Manager catalog. This, I presume, would enable businesses to expand their reach and take advantage of the company’s two platforms. In addition to this, WhatsApp’s business centric app is also likely to get richer messaging format options in the coming days.

Aside from the future talk, there is also some good news for the WhatsApp users. WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp might start rolling out dark mode soon. In the previous weeks, reports have indicated that the dark mode feature is going from strength to strength as WhatsApp is redesigning various sections of the app such that they are compatible with a dark them. The company, as per the blog, as redesigned chat and bubbles compatible with the Android Night Mode. This means that the social messaging app is inching closer to implementing dark mode on its platform, at least in the Android app. Hopefully, the company would begin rolling out the feature soon.

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