Paytm Credit Card: Unlimited cashback and promo-codes; Know all the benefits here

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There are credit cards with reward points and then there are cashback cards too. But, both of them have restrictions when it comes to actual earnings for the card user. Each reward point when converted is mostly equivalent to a few paise while the cashback cards have an upper cap.

Paytm and Citibank India have launched a contactless enabled co-branded credit card ‘Paytm First Card’ that comes with unlimited cashbacks. On every transaction made on the card, without restrictions, there will be unlimited 1 per cent cashback, and the cashback amount will be auto-credited to card every month.

The card will be offered based on an individual’s digital behaviour. As per Paytm, “Paytm will identify the potential base using a selection tool, jointly developed by Citi and Paytm, to assess credit worthiness. This provides an innovative alternative to underwrite customers, who otherwise may or may not have a credit history.”

The Paytm First Card has an annual fee of Rs 500 which gets waived off once the spending exceeds Rs 50,000 per year.

Paytm customers can apply for the credit card on their Paytm app, where they will also be able to conveniently track offers through the Paytm First Card passbook. The Paytm First Card passbook not only allows customers to track their credit card transactions but also highlights exclusive offers, both from Patym and Citi, on a real-time basis.

In addition to the unlimited cashback, the Paytm First Card users will get the Paytm promo-codes worth Rs 10,000 on spending a minimum of Rs. 10,000 on the credit card within the first four months of issuance of the card. Within 30 days the credit card user will receive an email with the promo-codes and will be eligible to avail the cashback into their Paytm wallet on the Paytm app under various categories as below:

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