New Education Policy 2020 – Latest Changes that will Impact Every Indian Student

Government of India has launched the New Education Policy of India – 2020, with some massive changes and amendments compared to the last policy.
Infact, National Education Policy has been revamped after a gap of 34 years,
and this was much needed as well.
India and the world in the 1980s were a lot different than in 2020, and creating a new, diversified and advanced educational vision was important, and urgent. 
Here are the 5 biggest, futuristic changes which will have long term implications for Indian students, and India’s future. Education means a way of life.
Coding From Class 6th
School children will be now taught coding from class 6th.
This is a big, important decision by the Govt. 
The concept of programming and coding helps a long way in problem-solving and creating a result-oriented mentality. Along with Maths and English, Coding too will become mainstream. 
This whole exciting world of IT will seep deep into villages and towns.
More Choices For Students
Under the new Education Policy, there will be no restriction on choosing a different stream.
One of the most outdated rules was that if a student is into Arts, they cannot choose Maths. 
Or if you are an engineer, doing humanities is not possible. 
Now, anyone can choose anything. The credits, marks will be transferred as per a new standard, benchmark.
Besides, a student can leave after 1 year, or 2 or 3 years or complete their graduation. For every year of completion, they get a diploma degree.
This converts to more freedom, and more choices.
Real World Experience For Students
From class 6, students can learn a skill, trade, business vertical by doing actual work under them. Like, a student can work with an artist, an entrepreneur, maybe an astronaut.
This will help young students to gain actual, real-world and practical experience of this world. 
Every sport will have the same marks and weightage, like that of say English or Geography or Maths.
It opens up a new paradigm for those students, who know sports is their ultimate dream. And what’s better than to get equal marks based on their talent.
These were the 5 biggest changes, as per our opinion.

Author: Sham