Airtel WiFi calling available now: Check here to see if you phone supports it or not

Airtel users will now be able to use Wi-Fi network in their homes or offices to make calls and probably help avoid the issues related to poor cellular connectivity. But only some phones are supported, check the list to know.


  • Airtel has announced that it is now rolling out Wi-Fi calling in select parts of the country.
  • Airtel pre-paid and post-paid phone users who also have Airtel Xtreme Fiber WiFi can use the feature.
  • For now, support for Airtel Wi-Fi is limited to only some phones. Here is the list of these phones.

Airtel on December 10 announced that it is rolling out Wi-Fi calling feature in some parts of the country. This feature will allow Airtel users, both post-paid and pre-paid users, to utilise Wi-Fi network for making calls. All they will need to do is enable a few settings in their phones, and then the phone automatically, depending on the network strength or the Wi-Fi coverage, make the call using either 4G connection or Wi-Fi. The feature will also let the phone seamlessly switch between different networks.

While announcing feature, here is what Airtel said:

“Airtel Wi-Fi Calling is designed to enhance voice calling experience for Airtel smartphone customers, especially when they are indoors. With Airtel Wi-Fi Calling, customers with Wi-Fi at home or office will get excellent signal quality indoors,” said an Airtel spokesperson. “There will be no extra charge for calls made over Airtel Wi-Fi Calling and the application consumes minimal data.”

Sounds good. But there are a couple of important bits to know, bits that you can put in not-so-happy news.

One of these is the availability of the feature. Samsung says that the Wi-Fi Calling feature is, for now, available only Delhi NCR and that it will be rolled out to Airtel users in other parts of the country in the coming months.

Second, the number of phones on which Airtel Wi-Fi calling is supported is limited. Apparently, the support for Wi-Fi calling requires not just support from Airtel for it, but also support from the phone maker through relevant hardware and proper software. The hardware support is there in most of the recent phones, but it needs to be enabled through a software update. More phones will be added to the list of devices that support the Airtel Wi-Fi calling but for now, only the following phones are supported.

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