Kerala: Woman alleges sexual harassment inside moving bus, goes live on Facebook to shame accused

A woman in Kerala today took to Facebook to shame a man who was allegedly sexually harassing her inside a moving bus. The man was sitting next to her and allegedly harassed her while she was sleeping.

This happened around 3 am when the bus was within the limits of Kottakkal police station in Malappuram district of Kerala.

Following the incident, the woman took to Facebook and posted a live video to share her experience and reveal the accused’s identity.

When the bus staff were informed, they initially suggested that the accused can be de-boarded. However the woman insisted that the bus must be taken to the police station and a case should be filed.

Later the bus was taken to the Kottakkal police station where a complaint was filed. Based on the woman’s complaint, police have taken the 23-year-old accused under custody and registered a case for making physical contact and advances involving explicit sexual overtures.

The woman said the accused was on the opposite berth and inappropriately touched her while she was asleep. She said when she confronted him, he refused to admit that he did anything wrong.

Meanwhile, the accused told police that it was a mistake and he was trying to move the curtains near the aisle.

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