Airtel Digital TV Basepacks Will Get You Up to 30 Days of Free Subscription

  • Dish TV, D2h and other DTH platforms also offer similar long-term plans
  • Airtel Digital Basepacks offer two subscription options
  • The subscribers can opt for a semi-annual or 11-months subscription
  • The customers will get 15 days of free service and one month free service respectively

The DTH and broadcasting industry is brimming with new offers and discounts for the subscribers. All the DTH operators are providing festive offer deals to the customers to lure more and more subscribers. There is also the new festive offers on channels from many major broadcasters of the industry which means that the subscribers of DTH services are enjoying discounted channels during the festive period. Airtel Digital TV is also one of the popular DTH operators in the country, which has although not introduced the promotional offers on the channels, but it has got another offer up its sleeve which is likely to attract the customers. The offer that we are talking about here is the Airtel DishTV Basepacks offer. So, if you are not aware of the Airtel Digital TV Basepacks, then here is some information about getting these Basepacks could result in a much more affordable monthly subscription for you.

Airtel Basepacks Explained

It is likely that you have heard about the long-term plans that the other DTH operators ship to their customers. Usually, under these long-term plans, the subscribers enjoy free service months when they make an upfront payment to their DTH operators. Tata Sky has its own version called the Tata Sky cashback offer, while D2h and Dish TV offer them under long-term packs only. Similarly, Airtel Digital TV’s answer to these long-term plans are the Basepacks. Airtel Digital TV has also listed these plans as the advance rental plans, and as the name suggests, the subscribers will have to recharge their Airtel Digital TV account with an upfront payment for a semi-annual or an annual subscription upon doing which they will receive the benefit in the form of free service days. Currently, the subscribers will have two option to make upfront payments.

How Do Airtel Basepacks Work?

Firstly, the subscribers will have the option of recharging their Airtel Digital TV account with a semi-annual subscription plan which would get them 15 days worth of free services and then the other option for the Airtel Digital TV subscribers would be to get a subscription for 11 months, which would get them an entire month of free subscription or 30-days of free subscription. Under the Airtel Digital TV Basepacks, the DTH operator has got various options to choose from, so the subscribers would be able to choose the pack based on the channels that they want to watch.

Airtel Basepacks: Options Available to Subscribers

The packs listed under Airtel Digital TV Basepacks include the Dabangg Sports Pack for Rs 290 per month, Value Sports Lite pack for Rs 332 per month, Value Sports Pack for Rs 360 per month, Mega Pack for Rs 510 per month, Dabangg Sports HD pack for Rs 360 per month, Value Sports Lite HD Pack for Rs 480 per month. Talking about more plans, the Airtel Digital TV Basepacks would have Value Sports HD Pack for Rs 495 per month, Mega Pack HD for Rs 699 per month.

Difference Between Airtel Basepacks and Other DTH Platforms’ Long Term Plans

Now there is one thing that the subscribers should keep in mind, and that is the basic difference between the Airtel Digital TV Basepacks and the long-term plans which the other DTH Operators are shipping. While Airtel Digital TV subscribers would be limited to these packs if they want to experience free service days on advance recharges. Whereas, on other DTH platforms, for example with D2h or Dish TV, the subscriber can select their own individual channels, broadcaster packs or any other channel packs and they would still be able to enjoy free service days on advance recharge. Similarly, Tata Sky subscribers when do an annual recharge of 12 months with a lumpsum payment, they would get the cashback within 48 hours regardless of what channel packs, or individual channels they select. However, this won’t be the case for Airtel Digital TV Basepacks.

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