Tata Sky, Dish TV and D2h Offering Up to 150 Days of Free Service: Check Details

  • Tata Sky is shipping a cashback offer to its subscribers
  • D2h is offering up to 5 months of extra free service under long-term plans

Whenever a subscriber decides on DTH service operators and takes a connection from them, then the consumer is likely to stay for a long time. Getting a connection from DTH operator involves buying a new set-top box, an upfront deposit and the installation of the equipment. These overheads are something that push the consumers to make a very informed choice on the first go only so that they can choose the most viable DTH service provider for their connection. Also based on this fact is the concept of long-term plans which is something that subscribers can benefit from in case they decide to stay with a particular DTH operator for the long term.THE long term plans avail a benefit to the subscriber when they make an upfront payment to the DTH service provider for a long term of service, for example, six months, a year or even more. Many DTH companies in the market right now are offering such long-term offers, read more about them in detail ahead.

Long Term Plans and the Clash After National Tariff Order

When the new Trai tariff regime went into effect, it did not contain any regulation regarding the long-term packs and how they were to be changed when the broadcasting and DTH industry was changing. The new national tariff order changed how the channels were priced, how the bills were issued to subscribers, and it brought very weighted changes in the industry. In such a case, the previously introduced long-term plans could not stay. Such a scenario would have also affected the DTH service providers and eaten into their pockets too. Therefore, it was decided that all the subscribers of the previous long-term plans be moved to the new Trai tariff regime based channel packs. This also opened up doors for new long-term offers. Here are those:

Tata Sky Cashback Offer

Tata Sky is offering a unique form of cashback offer to its subscribers which is actually a long term offer in disguise. The cashback offer requires the subscribers to make a recharge for 12 months upfront, after which they will be able to receive a cashback from the company into their Tata Sky account equating to the subscription value of one month. So essentially, the TATA sky subscribers will be able to enjoy an extra month of service while paying for 12 months. Previously, under the Flexi Annual plan, the cashback used to be credited at the end of the 12 months, but now under the cashback offer, the subscribers will receive the extra cashback within 48 hours only.

D2h Long Term Plan

Among all DTH operators,D2h has the most elaborate and attractive long-term plan. The plan simply means that subscribers with 3 months subscription enjoy 7 days of free subscription, with 6-months subscription they enjoy extra 15 days of subscription, with the 11-months plan, they get access to 30 days of extra subscription. Further on, the subscribers getting 22-months subscription plan, get 60 days of extra subscription, with the 33-months plan they get 90 days of free subscription and at last, for the 44-months plan, subscribers get 120 days of additional subscription, totalling up to 5-months.

Dish TV Long Term Plan

Dish TV’s long term plan resembles that of D2h, but it does not go as high as to prove extra 5 months of subscription but only allows for maximum a year of long term subscription.Dish TVSubscribers with 3 months subscription get 7extra days, with 6 months, get 15 extra days, and with 11-months get up to 30 days of extra service

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