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Similar to the Adidas scam, fashion brand Zara’s free voucher is another WhatsApp scam. Once you click on the link provided it asks users for their personal details and contacts so that it could be used to make money from premium text messaging.

15 WhatsApp Click baits you should never fall for!!WhatsApp has become the most popular texting platform and the credit goes to its user-friendly interface and the ease of texting it provides for all smartphone users, it has become one of the favorite tools of scamsters as well. WhatsApp has become an easy medium for hoax messages, phishing attacks and of course, fake news. Any false scheme which needs to target a large audience could easily use WhatsApp as a medium. Also, with WhatsApp groups, the situation is becoming worse every day as misinformation and scams spread quickly and people actually seem to believe and fall for it. Here are the most common messages that people receive via WhatsApp groups and in most cases, these messages are designed to provide personal information including banking details.  The catchy phrase and bold fonts are catching users eyes. Here are 15 most common messages that you should never click on.Adidas shoe hoax message in which the company offers free shoes to us as a part of anniversary celebrations.

A viral WhatsApp message which asks users to click on a link to take part in the giveaway of 3,000 free Adidas shoes on the occasion of Adidas  93rd anniversary. Note that these are classic phishing attempts. Never ever click on these kinds of messages.Pizza Hut free large pizza message

Another Phishing attempt, the link which promises us free pizzas.Note that WhatsApp is a free messaging app for all and there is no official paid subscription-based version of WhatsApp. If you are receiving such message to subscribe to WhatsApp then please be assured that it’s a phishing attempt and do no click on any link in the message.

A message offering free beer from Heineken.

Just like Adidas, phishing attempts using beer brands are very popular on WhatsApp. Be very cautious and don’t click on any such random links.Message threatening you with  Martinelli video which will crash your phone.

Simply delete any such messages that you receive on WhatsApp which state that users shouldn’t open a video named Martinelli as it would hack their phones. It’s a harmless hoax and nothing happens after that.Change WhatsApp color message

Another popular hoax message is the Change your WhatsApp color. There is no option to do so on the official app, so don’t fall for such messages.

Amazon Big Billion sale offer phishing message



Take advantage of the festive season sale several scam messages were circulated on WhatsApp to lure people in order to do phishing attack by offering Amazon shopping deals.Upgrade to WhatsApp Gold service message

There is nothing called WhatsApp Gold service and if you receive any such messages then be aware it is a Hoax.WhatsApp Popcorn carnival videoLike the Martinelli video f you receive any such message regarding WhatsApp carnival, simply ignore as it is a hoax as well.Invitation to join new WhatsApp app for better features

Never fall for messages with the invitations to third party fake WhatsApp versions. be aware that there are countless fake WhatsApp apps and always be sure to download the verified official app from a verified source.You can be tracked by simply clicking on a link to download an image on WhatsAppA stalker can easily guess your exact location just by sending you a multimedia file like an image or GIF on your WhatsApp. Never download any content from unknown senders.Flipkart Christmas carnival sale festival message

This is another phishing attempt which asks users to click on a link and fill in a form to take part in a wrong Flipkart Christmas carnival sale. Like others this as well is a phishing attempt.Donation or e-darshan messages of popular religious sites

If you receive messages on WhatsApp that asks you to donate for “e-darshan fees” of a popular religious place then be careful before clicking on the link as these are in many cases phishing attempt just in order to steal your banking or card information.


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