WhatsApp features coming soon: Multishare, consecutive voice messages, and group call shortcut


  • Multishare feature will give you a preview of your message before you forward it to contacts
  • Continuous playback will help you play all the voice messages in series
  • Group call shortcut feature will make it easier to place group calls in the chat app

WhatsApp added multiple new features to its platform this year. For example- the chat company launched the group calling, Account info request, WhatsApp Payment, Swipe to reply, Stickers and similar more features in 2018. But that does not stop the app from coming with more ideas.

The Facebook-owned chat app has several new features up its sleeves. The features that we’ll be talking about here have not been released yet but could soon launch. Also, these features were first spotted by WaBetaInfo- a website that keeps an eye on all the WhatsApp-related updates.

Here are some of the cool new WhatsApp features that are in pipeline but could soon debut on the platform. Take a look:

1 Multishare feature: Once the features goes live, you will be able to see a preview of a message or media that you may be forwarding to two or more chats. This is so that you can confirm or cancel the forward if you want. Although the feature is still under works and the information shared with us does not clear the exact function of the feature but it seems that it will most probably give you a preview of the message you forward a to two or more contacts so that you can deselect any contact from the list before forwarding. Currently, you have to simply select the contacts you wish to forward your message to and tap on the arrow button.

2 Continuous voice message playback: The feature will allow WhatsApp to automatically queue up all the audio messages in the chat and play them in a continuous series. User will have to tap the play button and WhatsApp will automatically play all the audio messages in a chat.

3 Group call shortcut: This feature will make it easier to place group calls in the chat app. This feature when rolls out will add a new group call shortcut to the group chat window. Tapping on the shortcut will give you the list of all members in the chat. You can select the members and choose between voice only or video call. The current process requires you to call one person and then add the other member in the call later.

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