Physical driving licence, RC no longer mandatory; just mobile phone is enough!

Physical driving licence, RC no longer mandatory; just mobile phone is enough!

Now you don’t need to carry your driving licence or vehicle registration certificate, in the physical form, while driving. And no, this will not land in you in trouble. The government has brought in amendments in the current law to allow people to carry electronic versions of documents like driving licence or registration copy of their vehicle. That makes it mandatory for authorities to accept the digital version of your driving licence and other vehicle-related documents. So now, all your traffic-related document verification can now be done with your mobile phone.

The new law will save people from carrying these crucial documents while travelling. The initiative has also been taken to reduce the administrative overhead of government departments by minimising the use of paper.

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has said the amendments have been brought in under Section 139 of the Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1989, to allow people to carry driving licence and registration copy in a digital format, reported India Today. However, a normal scanned copy of these documents will not be valid.

As per the new law, one has to scan these original documents on DigiLocker, a central government application that aims to promote ‘paperless governance’. The law also reiterates that all required copies of vehicle registration, insurance, driving licence, pollution under control certificates, etc, need to be shown, either in physical or electronic form when sought by an officer concerned.

What’s DigiLocker, how to use it

DigiLocker is a platform for issuance and verification of documents and certificates in a digital way. It eliminates the use of physical documents. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store. DigiLocker issues e-documents to individuals in a standard format and makes them electronically available, including CBSE, Registrar Office, Income Tax department, etc. With DigiLocker, it is easier to validate the authenticity of documents as they are issued directly by the registered issuers. People can even sign the self-uploaded documents using the eSign facility in the app.

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