Check here 2018 New Passport rules in India

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) concocted an arrangement of new passport rules in India for the year 2018. Every single real change that are as of now as a result and some that will become effective before long are listed below.

The board of trustees thought of the new arrangement of guidelines from 2018.

Here is the whole list of the proposed passport changes in 2018:

The last page of the Passport won’t have private data

According to the most recent refresh, MEA is contemplating killing printing the last page of the visa that has the private data of the individual. These details won’t be there in the passport however will stay in the government database.

All passports have a standardized identification since 2012, which in the wake of being examined gives all the data. This measure is taken to not to uncover much data than required. Be that as it may, the current travel papers will be the equivalent till the expiry date.

Color of the passport may change

Starting at now, passports in India are issued in three hues:

Red – For representatives

White – For government authorities

Blue – for two classes of citizens; ECR: Emigration Check Required & ECNR: Emigration Check Not Required

Rather than the blue, the ECR compose will before long have passports issued in orange color with the goal that it makes it simple amid migration checks.

Name of the parent name won’t be printed

According to the new standards, parent’s name will likewise not be imprinted on the last page of the visa. The service has been examining entries that if there should arise an occurrence of “names of antagonized mother/father” and “children of single guardians” require not be imprinted on the passport.

Physical police confirmation may change to online check

The CCTNS (Crime & Criminal Tracking Network and Systems Project) will be related with Ministry of External Affairs and will supplant the customary physical police check to online confirmation. This measure is set aside to diminish the handling time for the passports.

Author: Sham