New WhatsApp hijacking technique is utilizing voice message system to hack accounts

Technology is advancing each day as are the approaches to abuse it. When information costs not as much as a pack of bread and Internet is inescapable, security has been lessened to being just a fantasy. There is another report relatively consistently on how hackers are focusing on well known stages like Facebook & WhatsApp to snoop into the private existences of individuals. There are new techniques being concocted these hackers to take information.

One such extraordinary technique for hacking WhatsApp account has come into the light in Israel. While WhatsApp in India is battling with the phony message issue, the Israel government’s cyber security organization has conveyed an across the country security caution about another technique for WhatsApp hacking that is done fundamentally by means of telephone’s voice message systems.

As indicated by a ZDNet report, the new hacking strategy was first revealed in year 2017 by an Israeli web engineer named Ran Bar-Zik. The reports of WhatsApp accounts hacked utilizing telephone’s voice message began gliding in following which the cyber security office sent a security caution.

The report clarifies that if the voice message clients with their telephone numbers don’t change their record’s default password which is normally either 0000 or 1234, at that point their WhatsApp accounts are at the danger of being hacked.

How is this hacking done? The hacker utilizes the voice message system of the telephone to hack the WhatsApp account. The hacking happens when the assailant endeavors to enter a genuine client’s telephone number while putting in new WhatsApp account without anyone else telephone. The programmer will clearly enter the wrong security one-time code as the code is sent to the genuine client’s telephone number.

After the few wrong SMS codes that the hacker bolsters in, WhatsApp will provoke a message to client to go for voice check. WhatsApp will call the genuine client’s telephone and talk the confirmation code. Presently if the client does not answer the call, this code will arrive up in his or her voice message. The hacker can get to the client’s phone message account and gain admittance to that check code which can be utilized to hack the WhatsApp account.

Author: Sham