Facebook reported it got hacked & 50 million accounts were imperiled

Facebook simply unveiled a noteworthy security issue influencing very nearly 50 million accounts.

The blemish, found on Tuesday, enabled aggressors to assume control Facebook customers’ accounts, and the organization’s stock dropped 3% on the news.

“Our examination is still in its beginning periods. In any case, obviously aggressors misused a powerlessness in Facebook’s code that affected ‘View As’, a feature that gives individuals a chance to perceive what their very own profile looks like to another person. This enabled them to take Facebook get to tokens which they could then use to assume control over individuals’ accounts,” Facebook’s VP of Product Management Guy Rosen wrote in a blog entry declaring the news.

“Access tokens are what might as well be called digital keys that keep individuals signed in to Facebook so they don’t have to re-enter their password each time they utilize the application.”

Facebook says it’s not yet clear who is behind the assault.

It was revealed in a blog entry distributed on Friday. The organization is holding a press approach Friday morning with the media; Business Insider will go to and refresh this story with more data as it ends up available.

Security Tips
Here are the 6 things you can do to help protect your account:

Secure your password:

  • Try not to utilize your Facebook password anyplace else on the web.
  • Never share your password. You ought to be the special case who knows it.
  • Abstain from including your name or regular words. Your password ought to be hard to figure.

Utilize our additional security features.

  • Ensure your email account(s) are secure.
  • Log out of Facebook when you utilize a PC you share with other individuals. On the off chance that you overlook, you can log out remotely.
  • Run anti-virus software on your computer:
  • Think before you click or download anything.
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