Amazing Health Benefits Of Bottle Gourd That You Don’t Know

Health Benefits Of Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd as you probably are aware is a vegetable and easily available in the market.  It looks like a bottle and green in colour. It is known for its awesome taste and medical advantages. Bottle Gourd has many hidden health benefits not known to many.

The name bottle gourd comes from its shape which is like a bottle. There are many types of gourds available.

This African originated vegetable was famous and widely available in the Indian sub-continent. Nowadays it is grown in many countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, etc. It is one of the easily digestible vegetables as it contains 90% of water in it.

Health Benefits Bottle Gourd
1. Cooling Effect

Drinking bottle gourd juice which has more water substance will act as a coolant for your body. These are truly successful in giving a cooling effect to your body.

Subsequently, the gourd is the summer favorite as it keeps your stomach cool and lessens extreme body heat. Summer season in India sweats everyone than normal. Drinking lauki juice will stock the water back which you lose in the form of sweat.

2. Helps Sleeping Disorder

Sleeping disorders will run away from you if you consume gourd. Sleepless nights spent by you are no more if you consume the juice of lauki mixed with sesame oil. This proved to be a successful treatment for insomnia

3. Healthy Heart

Now a day’s heart problems among people are most common which often shows up in the form of heart attacks. Some of the individuals inherit heart problems while some get heart problems because of the food they eat.

To keep your hearts hale and healthy, you must have gourd juice at least thrice a week. This will take control of blood pressure which turns your heart healthy.

4. Prevents Hair Graying

Today, due to pollution and adulterated food, people at the age of 25- 30 years are also getting gray hairs. Thus, people are looking out for the natural ways which will eradicate graying of hair.  You must consume one glass of lauki juice early in the morning to stop premature graying of hair.

Pollution is affecting people in various manners. One of the main things is hair greying. People at very young age are developing grey hair. Using of hair colours is always not recommended and may damage your hair and scalp.

The natural way to eradicate is drinking a glass of lauki juice in the early hours of the day. This will stop the premature graying if your hair.

5. Dandruff  Treatment

Your hair and scalp is additionally a vital piece of your wellbeing, as though something turns out badly with this, a portion of your body you won’t be called as a healthy individual. Dandruff is one reason for making your hair and scalp loaded with scales and dead skin layers.

One of the methods for lessening dandruff will be to make an answer with an equivalent amount of amla juice and gourd juice.  Take the solution and knead it over your scalp to get rid dandruff totally.

6. Stress Reduction

For each right from the young age of an elderly individual, stress has turned out to be entirely regular. It is fairly a piece of everybody’s life. Be that as it may, if you continue consuming improper diet, the situation can become unfavorable.

For example, lauki which has sufficient water substance to give cooling impact on your body will be perfect. Bottle guard has anti-bilious and Sedative properties which will make your body will be felt well from inside.

7. Reduction Of  Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is common for many people. This can be reduced by often drinking gourd juice. Normal blood pressure is a good sign of health and high blood pressure can be managed well with proper diet and timely consumption of bottle gourd juice.

8. Proper Digestion

Individuals experiencing constipation are ought to eat bottle gourd as it is high in fiber and clears the food stuck in your colon. Furthermore, bottle gourd juice likewise helps in the treatment of acidity as it is alkaline by nature.

9. Weight Loss

Bottle gourd is one of the best vegetables you can have if you need to get thinner as it is 90% water, and a 100g serving contains as less as 12 calories. The high fiber substance will deal with your appetite, and keep your stomach full.

10. Help Treat Urinary Disorders

Bottle gourd has a cooling impact on your body, and a glass of bottle gourd juice is an awesome diuretic that can be utilized to treat burning sensation while urinating.

This sensation is brought on because of elevated amounts of acid in the urine, which can be countered by the alkaline nature of gourd juice.

Ayurvedic Health Benefits
  • Bottle gourd is recommended for better digestion.
  • You can reduce the burning sensation of your urinary system if you have high acidic urination.Your chances of getting urinary infection can be reduced as it has a diuretic effect.
  • It keeps your heart healthy and also helps in reducing high blood pressure.
  • If you are a diabetic patient, then it will combat your excessive thirst.
  • Constipation and flatulence can be combated.
  • Liver inflammation can be reduced by consuming this.
  • Acts as a great remedy for people suffering from diarrhea.

Though bottle gourd has many health benefits, it also has some drawbacks. According to a study published in Indian Journal of Gastroenterology 2011, bottle gourd juice which tastes bitter might damage your digestive system.

Some bottle gourds accumulate terpenoid toxic compounds because of the environmental adversities. This may cause poisoning. Bottle gourd juice when consumed raw and bitter may cause incidents like deaths or any other serious illness.

Look out for the symptoms like stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting few minutes after its consumption. In case, you find such symptoms; please do consult your doctor immediately. If it is not treated in time, it may even cause death.


The Indian Council of medical research has recommended few guidelines regarding the consumption of bottle gourd to the public:

  • Avoid consumption of bottle gourd juice.
  • Do not mix bottle gourd juice with other juices.
  • Before you extract its juice make sure you taste a small piece and make sure that its not bitter.
  • If you feel any discomfort after consuming it, then consult a doctor immediately.


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